Designed for Extreme Comfort mile after mile

after mile after mile after mile after mile...

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The Materials


The foam rubber we use is constructed with closed cells. Each cell encapsulates a bubble of air. Due to this, the foam will not collapse over time. It is also the reason the foam feels different than other foams, you are actually suspended on a cushion of air.  If you were to remove the foam, place it in water and squeeze, it would not absorb any moisture. The foam is laminated with a natural ribbed rubber.  This rubber is more commonly used in wet industrial applications where it has to withstand the traffic of heavy equipment. It will not become slippery when wet and does not wear out.


Cloud Stirrups are leather covered. Leather not only produces a better looking stirrup but it is much more comfortable for horse and rider, as well as being safer. The leather we use is highly resistant to scratches and moisture. Available in dark brown and black.


The frames are made from a high grade aluminum that contains Titanium which gives the stirrups excellent strength. 


A pair of Cloud Stirrups weigh approximately 3.3 pounds or 1.5 kgs

Cloud Stirrups have been crafted for quality and extreme comfort since being

introduced in 1995. Many of the world’s top Endurance riding champions use them;

they may change their saddles many times but always “want to ride on a Cloud”.

Cloud Stirrups are available in all bar widths, to fit any type of saddle.

Available in Dark Brown or Black

5 inches long

3/4 inch closed-cell foam rubber

Stainless steel hardware

5 1/2 inches wide

Multi-position settings allow the cage to be adjusted for any foot size.

Cloud Stirrups $239 plus shipping

With Safety Cage $339 plus shipping